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Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Office Outlook is basically a personal information manager- a product of Microsoft, which is a part of the Microsoft Office suite. Other then dispatching and receiving emails it also provides a calendar, task, notebook, journal, contact management and calendar facility.

We can use Microsoft Outlook as a standalone application or with conjunction with Microsoft Exchange Server to allow enhanced functionality for multiple users like shared folders of mailboxes and calendars etc.

Outlook had replaced the previous versions of Microsoft Schedule+ and Exchange Client. Among the any versions of Outlook here are a few.

  • Outlook for MS-DOS
  • Outlook for Windows 3.x
  • Outlook for Macintosh
  • Outlook 97
  • Outlook 98
  • Outlook 2000
  • Outlook 2002
  • Office Outlook 2003
  • Office Outlook 2007
  • Office Outlook 2010
  • Office Outlook 2013

Many versions of Outlook were released for Mac OS, but many of the mailing features were disabled after Office 98. So Entourage replaced Outlook on Macintosh systems after Office 98. Then in 2001 Outlook 2001 was released by Microsoft for Mac users to allow them to access Exchange servers. Entourage has been improved to provide Mac users with a Mac OS X compatible Exchange client.

There were many security concerns behind the development of e-mail client. Amongst many security issues e-mail viruses. The e-mail virus normally take the form of an e-mail attachment, that executes on the user's machine and changes itself by mass-mailing the user's or Exchange server's address list. Melissa and Sobig worms are the names of e-mail viruses.

Outlook 2007 is the latest release by Microsoft. Following are some of its features:

  • Includes calendar views that show the tasks due below each day on the week view and supports overlaying multiple calendars.
  • An incorporated RSS aggregator
  • A context indexer based search engine along with windows desktop search for the sake of instant search.
  • Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server integration.
  • Many programmability features are present.

Outlook 2007 is the first Outlook to switch from IE HTML rendering to Microsoft Word HTML rendering. So this means that many of the HTML and CSS items such as applet, form, iframe, object, script, background-image, animated GIF images and flash items are no longer supported.

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