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Data Recovery London

Data Recovery Tips

You want safety of your data because of its importance and lifeline of your business. To protect such a decisive item you have to take lot of measures but sometime your all saving techniques go in vain when a disaster occur. But still if such disaster happens then do not try to access your data in hurry rather follow our data recovery tips in order to make sure that your data will remain intact.

We are delivering data recovery assistance no matter how data lost occurs:

  • •Do not endeavor to look for your data from the maze of your storage media because in this mode you will misplace your data due to your inexperience in data recovery field.
  • •Attempt to back up your data as soon as possible when you observe any harm with your storage device.
  • •Do not try to start your computer system once you have observed problem in your storage system because in this way your storage media will might blow up and causes serious lose of data for you.
  • •Do not try to write any data on damaged storage media ,it might causes overwritten of data in damaged areas of your storage media as result your data might be lost permanently.
  • •Keep your storage media either it is hard drive, tape, RAID remain intact in its manufacturer cartridge because uncovering of cartridge will cause further damage to your storage media.
  • •Do not try to shift or shock your computer system from one place to other when it is running because it causes a great damage to internal circuitry of your storage media.
  • •Save your storage media from extreme temperature, dust, moisture and heat because it will damage its internal storage logic.
  • •If unfortunately your storage media has been affected by some liquid such as waqar, tea etc then do not try to run it in wet state just whip it and place in sunlight for hour to keep it dry.

Note: If the above tips prepared by our data recovery consultants have not solved your problem then contact us for free data recovery consultancy or send your storage media to our any data recovery centres located in UK