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Data Recovery FAQ

Can you define data recovery and its importance?

Data recovery is the process of bringing the lost data from damaged storage media to its original form and the one which is accessible. Data recovery importance can be known to enterprises in which data is the lifeblood of their enterprise business. Many organizations in education, government, business and in many other fields need data recovery because they use data in making large number of decisions.

Why data is lost?

Data is lost because of several reasons. It might be the lack of care from user side such dropping of storage media. Apart from user carelessness other reason for data loss can be such as electric surges/outages, static electricity, water or any other liquid, environmental hazard such as dust, moisture, heat or extreme temperature.

What first step has to be taken if storage media get damaged?

The first step you have to take is to shut down your computer system in order to save your storage media from further damaging and in proportional your data as well. Then consult experience data Recovery Company or ship your media to them in order to recover your lost data from damaged storage media.

Can I try to recover my data myself by using some Software Tools?

It is risky to use some software tools in an attempt to recover your lost from badly damaged storage media because most probably the damage occurs at physical level where software tools have to do nothing. Rather you have to consult some specialists data recovery company.

How to find and contact with data Recovery Company?

There are many data recovery companies worldwide. You can search for them in a search engine.