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Data Recovery London

RAID Data Recovery

With over a decade of experience, Our RAID data recovery specialists have been providing professional RAID drive data recovery technologies and services for numerous RAID manufactures using any of Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 9x, Windows 3.11, Windows XP, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Linux, UNIX, SCO, Sun, Macintosh, DOS, OS/2 and Novell NetWare file systems.

RAID arrays and enterprise data storage systems represent more than just a few gigabytes of data capacity. Most enterprises from SME (Small to Medium Enterprise) to large scale use RAID for storing their mission critical applications and valuable assets because of highly fault tolerant storage media. But if it fails then do not take any stress as Data Recovery London is here to help you. We have state-of-the-art techniques and services to salvage your mission critical data from failed RAID drives.

RAID Failure and Recovery

Our experts with state-of-the-art tools and technologies with broader experience have successfully recovered countless successive RAID data loss cases. They are liable to recover your core data from a RAID damaged by one of the following reasons:

  • RAID failed due to natural disasters
  • RAID failed due to actuator.
  • RAID failed due to human error like accidental deletion or formatting etc.
  • RAID failed due to some liquid like water, coffee etc.
  • RAID disk failure.
  • RAID booting system failed.
  • RAID controller failure. .
  • RAID failure due to virus attack.
  • RAID failure due to media damage.
  • RAID failure due to surge spike or abrupt power failure.

RAID Recovery Process

Data Recovery London is a leading RAID data recovery company worldwide due to its easy RAID recovery process. RAID data recovery process is straight forward. When you send your failed RAID array to Data Recovery London, we evaluate the media free of cost. After diagnosis we will inform you about diagnosis results. We will not initiate the data recovery task without your approval.

In order to ensure the correct format of data strict quality process is applied during RAID data recovery. Recovered data will be copied on the media of your choice and will be shipped to you. To initiate recovering your business critical data from a damaged RAID immediately contact us at our UK data recovery centre.