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Harsh weather conditions! Is this a threat for mission critical data?

According to the experts of Data Recovery London Inc. the users have to take into account the upcoming hot weather and protect their lifeblood data against data loss. Since a prediction has been revealed that the year 2007 is going to be hottest of all, so some precautionary measures should be taken to avoid the possibility of data loss. There are many threats to the PCs and laptops like rising temperatures, humidity and a couple of more but the real biggest threat to these devices is from power surges and blackouts. PCs and laptops can blackout if they become overheated by hot temperatures or by direct or indirect lightning.

Data Recovery technicians at our labs have predicted that the approaching extreme hot weather this season can affect anybody from all big or small companies, from super servers in large corporations to the computers in small or home offices. So preparations must be made in advance to protect computers against bad weather.

Data Recovery London has some useful tips for you to protect your devices. So pay a good glance at them.

  • Place the PCs and laptops in a dry and cool place in order to prevent overheating.
  • Do not connect too may computers to a single power supply using an extension cable, because a power surge to the power source can pit the life of all the computers at risk.
  • Do not attach other appliances with the same socket where the computer is connected. Try using dedicated circuits.
  • Purchase and install a power surge shield between the computer's power cable and the power socket.
  • If you are running a small business utilizing networking then get yourself surge shield that will nullify power spikes which are transmitted through network cables.
  • Inspect the guardian devices yearly to know that they are working in most befitting manner.
  • Whenever there is a thunderstorm unplug the telephone line from modem slot. You can also get a telephone line surge suppressor.
  • If a blackout occurs than immediately turn off the power.

Following the above mentioned tips you can protect your business from disaster. We cannot stop the natural calamities but we sure can take certain measures to safeguard our system against cruel summer storms and high temperatures.

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