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Floppy Disk Data Recovery

Although floppy disk are very low cost and universally portable storage media but its usage is very rare now a days and has been replaced by other removable storage media like USB drives, mobile hard disks and many others. The minimal usage of floppy disk is because of its capacity and data transfer rate issues.

In spite of minimal usage of floppy disk, people living in kilobytes or megabytes of storage world still use floppy disk as the main booting device and also as the mobile data transfer device. We provide data recovery services for all types of obsolete storage media including floppy disk. Our floppy disk data recovery specialists have overpowering experience to recover your valuable data and lost/corrupted files from your removable media.

Floppy Disk Catastrophes We Can Handle?

  • Our floppy disk data recovery experts can recover your data in response to horrible messages like "disk not formatted do you want to format"," not accessible" by the Microsoft Windows operating systems.
  • Files corrupted or data lost by virus or Trojan programs attack.
  • Unintentional deletion or formatting of data.
  • Physically damaged sectors
  • Physically damaged clusters
  • Physical damage of the boot, root or fat area of the floppy disk.

Our floppy disk data recovery process?

We support floppy disk data recover services for FAT, NTFS, HPFS, SWAP and EXT system files. We use up-to-date floppy disk data recovery software solutions developed by our floppy disk data recovery specialists having logical corruption of data and files.

For physical damage of cluster, sectors, ROOT, BOOT or FAT area we use high sophisticated techniques and technologies to recover your lost data from floppy diskettes.