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Data Recovery London

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Data Recovery London

Recovery Process

Gratis consultation with our data recovery professionals

If you have any disaster concerning the harmfulness of your storage media and mislay of your crucial data then you can liberally and graciously converse with one of our data recovery specialists and get their experienced services.

Delivering media to our data recovery centres

If our data recovery advisors propose you to vessel your damaged media to one of our data recovery centres located in UK then ship your damaged media to us. Get the quote now! Make some special packaging of your storage media to save it from further damage during shipping process. Try to use a faster, reliable shipping service.

Free of charge assessment and analysis of your media

When your dented storage media reaches us, then our data recovery professionals will begin evaluating your storage device which is free of cost. During free assessment every portion of damaged media is checked by our experienced data recovery specialists. The free evaluation process will be completed within 24 business hours.

Early media evaluation testimony to client.

After free evaluation a precise report will be generated and will be mailed to you. Report will consist of all the facts about free assessment in addition with cost, time duration and other issues which will guide you the right way in recovering your lost data from your hard drive.

Initialization of data recovery procedure.

After reception of your approval, we will start the recovery process. Our data recovery experts for the sake of security of your data will make a mirrored copy of your storage and will work only on mirrored copy while the original copy will remain intact. This process will take about 5-6 business days or as mentioned in initial diagnosis testimonial.

Data recovery and its refurbishment process

Upon recovery of your business critical data we will copy that recovered data to the media of your choice.

Payment and Shipping of media back to client.

After successful recovery of your data you have to pay to our respective authorities through proper channel. After your payment confirmation we will ship your recovered data and damaged drive too. To recover your lost data from all brands of hurtled Hard drives, RAID arrays and Tape drives we do our data recovery process very cautiously. We do this because of vitalness of your data and above all the significance of your business